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Ideal Compost Co. provides compost, mulch, and related products to home gardeners, school gardens, organic farmers, landscapers and greenhouse operators in New Hampshire and surrounding states.

To make our compost, we start out with piles and piles of horse litter, cow and chicken manure, spoiled grain, grass, hay, straw, silage and leaves. Our job as composters is to provide optimal conditions for the micro-organisms which break down the blend of materials. The little critters need food, air, and moisture. Their food is in the original materials. When we turn the piles we provide air. Irrigation provides moisture when rain is sparse. We monitor progress with thermometers and moisture meters. After months and months of the slow burning of decay, each compost batch is tested for maturity. When ready, the compost is screened, blended into a range of products, and stacked up, ready for you.

Here at Ideal Compost Co., we continue to be inspired by ecological farming, a.k.a. biological farming, the next step beyond organics. Much of eco-farming is based on research done in the 1920's and 1930's, before industrial agriculture took hold with its chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Eco-farming stresses the health of the soil, and the connection between soil health, crop health and human health.

We add natural minerals, extra microorganisms and enzymes to our compost. Animal manure-based composts like our's are naturally high in phosphorous and potassium and lower than optimal in calcium and trace minerals, all of which are crucial for plants to thrive. In our finished compost, microorganisms have broken down the added minerals, making them directly available to your plants.

Check out our newest product, Fungal JumpStart Seed Starting Mix, with an introduction by Michael Phillips, author of "Mycorrhizal Planet".

Healthy soils lead to healthy crops, and healthy crops build healthy people!

Happy growing in 2021!


Spring; (April 17 - June 12) - Open Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m., no arrangement necessary.
Open by arrangement during the week.
Closed Sundays

Summer and Fall; Open Monday - Friday by arrangement.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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